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Custom Printed & Embroidered Hoodies

Work Hoodies, College Hoodies and so Much More

Hoodies became fashionable with youngsters in the late 90s but our love affair with custom printed hoodies has grown ever since. Teenagers used to go wild for hoodies adorned with the logo or image of their favourite alternative bands. From Nirvana and Slipknot to Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, everyone in the alternative music scene had a hoodie. But while a string of styles have gone out of fashion over the past two decades, hoodies have established themselves as an essential piece of clothing in everyday life. 

Popular with men, women and children of all ages, hoodies are a universal item that can be found in wardrobes up and down the land. And they are not just used for casual wear. A garment that was once looked down upon from the upper classes, hoodies have now become a vital item when it comes to work, college and corporate wear.

At Promotalks, we pride ourselves on selling the best and widest range of custom hoodies, printed hoodies and personalised embroidered hoodies. Whether you are looking for college hoodies, corporate hoodies or screen printed hoodies, we know you will find the embroidered hoodie you are looking for here.

Check out our vast array of workwear hoodies and custom embroidered hoodies below.



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